April Fool’s – it’s not Spring, yet!

About 3 inches of snow up here, 34.0 degrees at 8:30 am, photos to follow after coffee.

These photos are nothing special, just snap shots, but I thought you might enjoy the snowy view from up here.


The snow started just before 8 pm, and lasted until 10:30 pm, when it stopped. If it started up again, I wouldn’t know, as I was asleep. Here, the camera is focused on the flakes. Then, this morning, I woke to these scenes:
From my driveway

Cone and Twin Peaks

One can even see snow on the top of Prewitt Ridge.
Yard and Peaks

I wanted to take more shots today, but it has clouded up, so will see what I can do. In the mean time, the calendar says Spring, but my yard says Winter. Who’s playing the April Fool’s joke on us?

That’s the snow in the clouds of this mountain top.

7 thoughts on “April Fool’s – it’s not Spring, yet!

  1. Ha ha. What an April fools joke! I’m surprised you got so much snow. It’s beautiful. Thanks for the shots cause I couldn’t see any from Lucia and had to work so I wasn’t able to get out to take shots. If I have enough energy tomorrow I hope to get out and take some shots if the snow is not gone by then. If it is I’ll be happy to shoot wild flowers. Off to town on Sat. Big warm hugs to you and G-Dawg. Hope he’s doing well sweetie.

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