Storm Watch, 4/4/10 & Earthquake Maps

10:30 pm – howling winds and rain tonight. It is a blustery night! I had very small hail momentarily. Sorry, I changed my mind and am not going out in this to check and dump the rain gauge. In the morning.

For a change of pace, I thought you might want to see the earthquake maps from this afternoon’s 7.2 quake in Mexicali, Baja. Lots of aftershocks in SoCal. This first one is from this afternoon, when the quake first hit. The second one is from this evening, just a short while ago.

7:00 pm – Big Sur Valley is reporting that it is “dumping, dumping, down rain” right now. Unfortunately, Debbie cannot remember is she emptied her rain gauge. I know I did not, but I also know the exact amount that was in it before the rain started today. By dark, I had received .25″ and since I will be going out in the rain in the dark anyway tonight, will check and dump the rain gauge before bedtime, and report back, including a seasonal total.

While I have had a light drizzle on and off this afternoon, the winds and rain really kicked in around 6 pm this evening. According to NOAA, it could be significant later tonight for Monterey County’s coastal areas. I will be keeping an eye on it, and reporting any events that come my way. It could cause problems for the highway, of course, so be extra vigilante in the slide areas if traveling tonight after dark, particularly here on the South Coast where things are fragile, at best!

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