3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Big Sur

  1. Kate:

    Absolutely stunning scenery and great photos capturing it for our benefit. MANY thanks!!!

  2. Well, our day at Pacific Valley School was a busy one. In addition to all the academic and art classes, we took the kids on our first phase of the Monterey County Cleanup. We hiked from the school to Jade Cove, cleaning up the litter along the roadside as we went. We policed up the trail down to the cove, and the cove itself. The kids got a reward with the finding of some really beautiful jade nuggets! BTW, we all have a serious case of jade fever, which has only one cure…and you know what that is. So the other day, I kicked through some of those rocks at Sand Dollar and loaded up with three fabulous green jade boulders, weighing 1-2 pounds each, plus a bright orange vulcan rock, not to mention all sorts of smaller nuggets and medallions.
    Jade hunting is like fishing…”Sometimes you catch ’em, sometimes you don’t”, and “You do not find jade…it finds you”.

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