Island Revealed

As I said, one of you was very close, but we are not on the island of Hawaii, only in the state of …

And this is our view from the lanai.

This is the plantation where we had Sunday brunch.

This is near Spouting Horn.

This is the view from the hotel lobby.

And I took the back road (I always find the back roads) to Lihu’e and saw some incredible views.

My internet is very slow and unreliable, and I refuse to pay the $15.50 a day the hotel charges, so photos only as is possible.

Thanks for playing along with me, and I hope to be able to continue posting while I am gone. I am checking in with Big Sur events and weather, and am sorry it has been cold, windy and rainy there this week, but I have sure been enjoying the sun and warmth! Aloha!

5 thoughts on “Island Revealed

  1. Yah , Rub It In , to those folks back home,,,, have some fresh pineapple for me ,,,, and can you imagine what the Napali Coast looks like from a heilochopter, but glad that you get to see it from the water, just the same.

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