Na Pali Coast

Today may have been the highlight of the trip … and what a trip it was. I missed photographing the dolphins jumping out of the water along side the boat, but I got so many other great photos, I don’t know which to post, so here are a few random shots.


More Dolphins

We saw tons of them. We also saw the giant sea turtles, but they were shy.
Coastline, looking south

Sheer Magnificence



and yes, the water really is that color. It is amazing.
Mountains & Sea

Fog & Mountains

Mama & Baby Humpback

Humpback Fluke

The Divine Ms Rose goes snorkeling

What they forgot to tell me was that there would be a wet T-shirt competition, and I was it! Wonderfully exhausting day.

9 thoughts on “Na Pali Coast

  1. Great shots!!! So breath taking. Especially The Divine Ms Rose!!! So happy your having a good time.

  2. Great photos, Kate, even if, as you say, untouched from the camera. I wonder if the whales and dolphins are attracted by the boats and want to play? Or show off?

  3. Way to go! Na Pali Coast! Epic adventure! Been there. Hoping to go back!

  4. Ohhh , Thanks for the Pali Coast pics,,, it is how I remembered it ,,,, Good !

  5. Hey Kate looks like you’re having a great time. I went whale watching here with my brother & his wife yesterday out here on the bay. It was pretty windy/rough but beautiful out. met Craig from Big Sur Photography yesterday on board too. Wasn’t much to take photos of, but it was fun. Lookin forward to whan you get back. 🙂

  6. Thank you Kate. Homesick for Hawaii, my home for 22 years. Big Sur is that connection for me here. The pics put me there in spirit. Aloha, Darci

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