And yet another illegal campfire # 5897

Okay, I am joking about which number this is. I haven’t kept track.

09/05/2010 19:55 LPF-2794 (New) Wildfire Sand Dollar Day Use

What are people thinking? I know what they are thinking. Because, I know how they get to my blog, and right now people are googling to find out what the fine is for an illegal campfire. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but that seems to indicate whoever these people are, they are doing a cost effective analysis. You decide.

The fine is $5000 and/or 6 months in jail. And, you WILL get caught, as fire is visible FOREVER at night, and all of us who live here will call it in. And we have a couple of USFS cops who love to get in people’s faces, and at least one of them will probably search you, your vehicle, your tents, etc. Probably not legally, but whatcha going to do?

Do you have any idea how visible fires are at night – for MILES. Time to go out and check!

3 thoughts on “And yet another illegal campfire # 5897

  1. Even just a cigarette is v vissable on a dark night,,,, then which self help book like Mars and Venus, or some other, mentions that women like it when a man builds a fire for her and encourages men to do that ? Paula once told me that people collect park experiences,,,, just name a new park and people will come ! It is the coming people that killed the rose,,,, like Lovelock says,,, it’s too late to save the world,,, L O L

  2. I LIKE your attitude, bigsurkate. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT. Hey, I can’t affordd a $5000 fine or six months in the pokey. But I wouldn’t consider starting a fire where there are signs posted for a very good reason. So, the calculators are just plain whacked. Perhaps another form of FINE would be making the culprits FIGHT several fires? Could this be an effective deterent?

  3. for most will be going home – by (9/7/2010) to thier ticky tacky little box’s where sheet rock from Chiana hangs on most all thier walls—-and we bitch as our chamber of commerce extends an 365 invite openly and always,-99 out of a hundred can’t afford a $5000 fine,-thanks fire watchers, good thoughts keep the fire devils away

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