Bear Trap Fire – Ft. Hunter Leggitt

5:30 pm – nothing further, which is good news.

3:45 pm – Now 200 AC and still spotting but they are reporting that they are making progress.

3:20 pm – Bear Trap road x Sam Jones inside the base, 100 AC, ROS, spotting, both flanks are running on ground crews, having erratic winds on fire. BEU sent full wildland response

3:00 pm – Still trying to get details, but I can see the smoke from here off the back side of the ridge. A friend in Paso said a couple of planes took off a short while ago, and this is being reported:
as of now LPF sending: Div-1; BC-11; Monterey hotshots; Eng: 15, and 19
BEU (CALFIRE) just sent BC, Dozer, Engine’s # ?, C406, onto the fort to assist FHL with a fire in the Bear trap loop area from BC 4613 on scene 10-15 acres spotting across the road.

Dispatch is reporting erratic winds in the area. Lockwood reports very smoky on the valley side.

09/12/2010 14:02 LPF-2881 BEARTRAP Wildfire Fort Hunter Liggit

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