The Smell of Smoke

2:30 am – I finally got my answer from a SLO county FF: “Started approx 1600 and was contained at about 1900 acres. FHL had assistance from Cal Fire and LPF.” I clarified this and it was 1900 acres with containment at 2100 hours.

It is 10 pm. I have been sitting here, thinking I smelled smoke, but not strong. Still, the smell of smoke is always a concern. So, a few minutes ago, I received an email from a member of the BSVFB indicating they came back from Lake San Antonio late today. There is a fire a ways south and east of me, but the drift was noted on Nasty-Fergy on their way home. I haven’t found any information available about this fire.

Nice to know my smeller is working, and I haven’t lost my mind or at least one of my senses!

Is this the one?
09/24/2010 16:47 LPF-3008 (New) Wildfire Gabilan Road

4 thoughts on “The Smell of Smoke

  1. From Nipomo: At 4am smelled light smoke. At 6 this morning haze apparent in the air between me and the Nipomo Hills. Could be from the fires in Sequoia being pushed westward by the pressure system. No listing of fires east of here. 72 degrees already–gonna be HOT today. Still air. Moon shines pink.

  2. Was camping on prewit ? ridge last night 9/24/2010 and saw the smoke in the evening, but at about 1;30 this morning saw flames two ridges over ro the east. just south of where the moon rose and soon was out, and helicopters were then patrolling

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