Heat Wave Continues

5:00 pm – It is 100 degrees here at the moment. Have no idea what the hottest temps were. I drove down to Cambria to escape the heat, or so I thought. There was no escaping. But I did notice an interesting phenomena. In the areas of Highway One that are pretty much at ocean level (ok, maybe 100 ft. or so) like Villa Creek, Shale Point, Willow Creek. It was relatively cool – you know like in the high 80s. But areas at higher elevation, and particularly if the road is weaving inland, such as at Salmon Creek and Redwood Gulch, it was a furnace. I mean a furnace.

Today is the hottest day on record in Los Angeles, where records go back to 1877. weather news

here are some temps and relative humidity for Monterey County inland areas:
Bradley T 107 RH 10 Arroyo Seco 109 RH 8 Pinnacles 111 RH 5

But look at some of these SoCal temps! Calienté!!
Malibu Canyon at 114:
Downey at 110: f
Corona at 114:
Oceanside north at 115:
Long Beach north at 109:
Hottest location? Monrovia, CA at 121.

But look at the Central Coast!! 121 in Hollister, and 127 back behind Salmon Creek somewhere. My heavens!


Earlier predictions were that this would be the hottest day of the heat wave. Friends on the Coast and in the Valley have been noting the exceptional heat, also, and last night’s weather report said it was 107 in both LA and Paso Robles, so it is hot throughout most of the state. One report extends this out until Thursday. It is making up for the summer we never had.

For the last several mornings I have awakened to quite a bit of wind. So fire danger is significant.

Stay cool (cold showers help) and take care. It is an iced cappuccino for me this morning. Too hot for coffee.

6 thoughts on “Heat Wave Continues

  1. Hi Kate, It’s very hot down here in Oceanside also. According to weather.com, it’s already 100 and inland temperatures will reach 107! This is crazy. We are also worried about the fire danger down here. I sure hope we get through this without any fires!

  2. Hi Kate, Huntington Beach was in the 90s yesterday and the day before, and it’s at least that hot today,monday. I was out to Flabob International Airport saturday to the EAA Chapter One open house, and by 2PM I began to wilt, even in the air- conditioned hanger. Was saved with an ice cold cappuccino and getting in the car with the a/c on full blast. Temps at Flabob were 107-109.

  3. 102 in Nipomo. Temps were all over the map as I ran my sales route, about 1/2 hour between stops starting at 11 this morning. SLO-90, Atascadero-85, Morro Bay 96 but 1/2 hour later on-shores came and it dropped 10 degrees in 40 minutes. Then Cayucos was close to 100, offshores like a blast furnace, Harmony about 90, Cambria about 85. Came home at 7 pm to 85 in Nipomo at 7 pm. Now at 9,it is still 82.
    NOAA says not much relief tonight from onshore flow. Supposed to be 99 here tomorrow. Glad I’m not at Pinnacles. Take Care!

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