Rain this weekend?

It looks as if there is rain in the forecast for this weekend. This is what NOAA had to say: “FOCUSING ENOUGH MOISTURE AND ENERGY TO BRING A DECENT CHANCE OF EARLY SEASON RAINFALL TO OUR AREA OVER THE WEEKEND.”

I am really trying to take some time away from my computer, the internet, and my cyber life. I am doing other things, and will be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly. In the meantime, we are still hoping Avis will be posting some Jade photos she took at the festival. Let’s keep bugging her, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Rain this weekend?

  1. Heheh…I’m going to town today to get the USB cable I need to upload my pics to the computer. I promise…tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, it rained all day. Drove up to the SF Bay Area to deliver fish, and had windshield wipers going all the time both up and back. Some of the showers were quite heavy. Almost a half inch fell into the rain gauge from today.

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