Jade Fest 2010

Hello everyone. Avis here stepping in for Kate. As she has stated, she is taking a break from things to catch up on life.

Kate lives on top of the world and I live at very close to sea level. Today in Lucia, we woke up to thick, drippy fog. About an hour ago the fog lifted and we can see the rain clouds. It’s sprinkling on and off with moments of sun peaking out. I love looking out at the ocean on days like this. So many different layers of clouds and colors. From the looks of these clouds, I suspect Kate’s house is in the clouds and having a bit more rain than us down here.

During Kate’s brief  interlude, I’d like to share some photos with you from this years Jade Festival.

I thought I’d start off with a whimsical theme. There’s plenty of time to show off the Jade.

"Gourd Man" Never did see this guys face. He played with the african drummers
"Clown Shoes" You have to admit....it's not everyday you see clown shoes. I couldn't resist.
"Belly Dancer" The belly dancers have been coming to the festival for years. I always look forward to watching them and love how they make the crowd smile.

"Cat's Dance Group" I think the smile on Cat's face, the other dancers faces and the woman in the background...says it all!


And one final pic. Without these two guys and their awesome crew, the Jade Fest wouldn’t have the incredible entertainment it does.

"Dan & Sid" The music & entertainment gods. We love you guys and thank you for putting on another FANTASTIC & AMAZING show!

4 thoughts on “Jade Fest 2010

  1. I enjoyed my first visit to the Jade Festival–went round and round to revisit the vendor booths. Enjoyed the excellent Indian food–couln’t believe my eyes at the Naan coming straight from the tandoori onto my plate. Kudos to all the chow booths and informational booths. It takes a lot of energy to run these, even though it looks like you are”just sitting around”. –Seedlady

  2. Avis, you are a dear. Thank you. I am off for a gondola ride to the top of another mountain, and then a luge ride down – if I have the nerve.

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