7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Hi Kate , it seems that the T G holiday is a chance to be a memory creator, at least I can remember quite a few , especially the B S , ones . A warm oven issuing forth such wonderful aromas as a turkey cooks there .
    Yes , it is a time to reflect and reap your harvest, a time to enjoy your inlaws, and catch-up on family news .

    So sorry that this is an especially cold weather one , but it will be remembered for that , too .

    Wishing You , all the best , and much Love in your heart .


  2. Thank you Kate. I really enjoyed the foggy forest photos. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Kate. I love your ongoing blogs and I love my life here in Big Sur. I am in gratitude for having a home, a position at Riverside Campground, interacting with others and a family that is healthy and well. Blessings to you as well. I met you at Ventana last year.

  4. LA – the light always prevails.
    Douglas, I think of you on your boat in Singapore when I gaze across the Pacific Ocean, particularly at sunset, although I must admit, I didn’t gaze long tonight – freezing, already.
    Roger – I am glad you share my love for the foggy forest. I so enjoyed meeting you earlier this year. Coming down again?
    Pam – I was just looking at the photos I took that night, and remembering meeting you and your friends.
    Leslie – Holidays is what started me on my candlelight photography, and I hope to add more this holiday season. You are one of the many blessings to have come into my life through this blog.
    And for all my readers that never leave a comment, I know you are there, and knowing so many of you continue to read what I write and view my photographs brings me great pleasure. Thank you all, and continued blessings this holiday season.

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