Black Friday

I am guessing I no longer have a handle on consumerism. I think I never had a handle on consumerism. I don’t get it. Really. It is an absolutely foreign cultural experience.

Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year.

I watched a news report of people who were camping out – complete with tents, folding tables, and their Thanksgiving Dinner, waiting for a store to open at 1 am.

I also saw a Target commercial that announced its opening at 4 am on “Black Friday.” People shop in the early morning hours of the night?

There is a serious disconnect going on in my brain, right now. Shopping in the dead of night suggests psychosis to me.

Shopping isn’t something I do, except when absolutely necessary. I avoid malls, chain stores, and crowds. If I want to shop and enjoy it, I go to small local shops. I cried when Thunderbird closed and I was consigned to Borders. If I can get it on the internet, I do. But this weekend, there is a shopping experience that is enjoyable, even for a non-shopper like me.

Big Sur has its annual Arts & Craft Fair at the Grange this weekend, to benefit our local non-profits. If you aren’t standing in line already, to make the 1 am or 4 am opening tomorrow morning, consider coming down here to the Grange (just south of Ripplewood – watch for the banner over the highway) at a decent hour to do your shopping. No lines. No camping required. And no psychosis.

7 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Come to the Grange and buy BSVFB coffee mugs and sweatshirts Saturday and Sunday. They make great gifts.

  2. I can totally relate to this post, Kate, as I don’t quite understand the consumerist nature to acquire more stuff, either. Thunderbird’s closing was sad, indeed. She tried to sell her business for a couple years, but no one purchased. There’s still the alternative Pilgrim’s Way in “downtown” Carmel and I heard there’s a new bookstore in the Crossroads… but I rarely shop for things other than groceries, so I haven’t been there, yet. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Would be worth the trip over just to get one of the BSVFB tee shirts.

    The funny thing about Black Friday is almost everything on sale in the stores is available on line for the same price. I have never understood the phenomenon.

  4. Oddly disconcerting to read your post after posting my rant about Black Friday, Kate. At least you have a positive venue to offer as an alternative to the insanity. Like you I don’t get any of it.

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