Lunar Eclipse Progression Photos

Unbelievable series of photos by Dan Danbom. Dan, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me and my readers! This is an amazing series! What a gift to those of us who couldn’t see it or stay up long enough!

Dan lives in Monterey, CA, for those of you not familiar with his work. He has also taken incredible shots of condors, as well as the Big Sur Coast. Check out his website: Danigraph

This is what Dan had to say about his shots: “We were dodging haze, or mist, and super sharp clear, so I tried in the clear spots. It is tricky, and I came up with this, so I put together three images, that sort of show the progression, and then the clouds came in at the last, and the covered moon did not show much, so I quit, as it is marginal shooting the reddish moon that is really dark, at night, but if you want to post my efforts, that is fine. It is tricky getting the image to look right as it is small in the frame. With the limits of your blog image space, size wise, I cropped in so it would show small size on the blog, I will also attach the image that was not cropped so you can see what my telephoto did, ok, but no super long, like my short pockets afford. Dan”

If this is what you can do in difficult conditions and with a limited telephoto, wow! I can’t imagine it getting any better than this!

Today’s Storm Watch post is immediately below.

4 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Progression Photos

  1. Wonderful! Thank you, Dan, for taking them. Thank you, Kate, for posting them. The view here in the mountains of N. AZ was cloudy, but nevertheless a real treat.

  2. Wow. Great Job Dan. We couldn’t see a thing here in Grover Beach. Thanks so much. I so wanted to see it and thanks to you and Kate I got too. Merry Christmas

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