Storm Watch, 12/22/10

6:18 pm – *IMPORTANT* – a rock/mudslide is being reported just south of Grimes on Highway One. UPDATE: at 10 pm, it was no longer being reported by CHP, but that does not necessarily mean it has been cleared. That area should be considered dangerous.

4:00 pm – and finally, the sun is back in some places (not here) as evidenced by this, but minutes after he sent this, Ray let me know it was raining again in Paso:

Rainbow by Ray in Paso Robles

2:30 pm – it has been quiet for a while now, drizzle only, but for a couple hours, there was a steady rain, not deluge, but steady. I got another .4 of an inch. Looks like it is going to stay quiet for a while.

11 am – it is raining AGAIN. I’ve been watching the NEXRAD, and for the last 1/2 hour to an hour, there has been this one very localized spot spinning right over Big Sur. It isn’t moving, except to spin.

For some great storm photos taken yesterday in CA and AZ, go to this link:

7:30 am – Good morning. It is NOT raining for a change. I forgot to record the rain last night at 4:30, but noted it wasn’t much (.25 or less?) so rain totals look like this:

24-hours – 1.1 inches
storm to-date – 8.6 inches
season to-date – 18.35 inches

Big Sur Valley has had 2 inches in the last 48 hours.

Looks like no currently existing road problems on our highway, NEXRAD is showing scattered showers, and NOAA says: “A SLIGHT CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORMS CONTINUING ACROSS THE SOUTHERN THIRD OF THE DISTRICT THROUGH THE MORNING AS WELL.” But from Ventura Co. south, storm warnings have issued for snow and thunderstorms.

You can tell from the satellite photo, that the bulk of the storm will miss us, but hit SoCal pretty hard today:

Thanks, Dave.

I am hoping for a quiet day. Be safe, everyone, and we have a break coming, last I heard!

2 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 12/22/10

  1. Yesterday here (River Inn, Local Color, Hawks Perch, Ripplewood, Fernwood, etc)was on the calm side, we could even see a spot of sun on one of the ridges, briefly and early am. The rain came in fits and starts, heavy then nothing like someone emptied a kiddy pool off a roof. It’s not doing much at the moment, you can sure hear the roaring river which is very up and very swift, and either it’s still raining or the sycamore trees are shaking off their leaves and it only sounds like rain. The power stayed on and the Pub stayed open. Laguna Beach badly hit with mud slides and a submerged highway, floating cars, all the usual. Not much traffic from north or south but the locals are doing fine. I haven’t heard any disaster reports and don’t expect to. Big Sur winter. Know it and love it. Thanks for all you do, Kate. You give a fabulous and rare sense of connection in tis far-flung community.

  2. We have had 11 inches out of this storm. We just had an hour of glorious sun but it is cloudy again now. We were blessed over the summer to have a multitude of folks come & help build a new master bedroom for us so we feel like we are in a castle this winter. We can sit by the fire & allow Jim to heal after his 6 months of chemo-therapy treatments. There is No better place to heal then in the Santa Lucia Mountains surrounded by the redwoods, oaks & pines. What a sight when we went out to feed the horses yesterday & saw 4 deer bedded down with them! The Silver Fir tree reaches skyward & we are surrounded by pure magic during this Wonderous Season.

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