Storm Watch, 12/29/10

9:30 pm – frost is on the deck, the cold has settled in. It is 33 degrees. I am ready to cuddle up. Check with you all tomorrow!

2:00 pm – County Rds working on clearing the slides on N-F Rd. and here is an unreported slide at Shale Point, that was cleaned up about a 1/2 an hour ago. Photos by Rock Knocker

Approach to slide at Shale Point by Rock Knocker

Shale point slide clearance by Rock Knocker

12:30 pm – the slide near Limekiln has apparently been cleared, as it is no longer showing up on CHP website.

11:15 am – *IMPORTANT* CHP reports a new slide just south of Limekiln. The one at Esalen has been cleared. It is really moving, now. Be careful out there!

10:30 am – Local resident reports three slides on N-F Rd. west of the summit, making it virtually impassable. While he was able to get down, he does not anticipate being able to get home, UNLESS the County Road crew clears it today. No word about whether that will happen. N-F Rd is also closed on FHL at river crossing due to high water and bridge repair. They try to open it when possible, and repairs should be finished by mid-January. Not recommended in the meantime.

9:00 am – NEXRAD looks pretty clear, and CHP is no longer showing the slide near Esalen. Wind is still gusting, and the day is gray and overcast.

8:00 am – in the last 12 hours, I received 2.5 inches of rain! Whew. Bit of wind going on, too.

*IMPORTANT* Mud/Rock SLIDE just north of Esalen blocking NB lane per CHP. KSBW is reporting Highway One closed

2 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 12/29/10

  1. Hi Kate, thanks for your reports. It’s a wonderful feeling to read in our little bump on the map that is (thnk you God) chiefly ignored by traditional enterprises. I’m seeing two way highway 1 traffic at The Hawks Perch but no idea if it’s restricted to very local. Rained hard last night but not now, some spots of blue sky! above what appear to be fast moving low white and gray cloud banks of good size. The wind’s up but it ain’t no gale. If the wind got to expected blows last night I slept through it, and the power’s still on. My plants are acting like it’s spring, the iris are in glorious bloom and calla lilies unfurling. Best to you.

  2. Yeah, I had 2 1/2″ at my house too. The ocean is covered in white caps…very windy down here. Traffic is starting to move now. Earlier the road was closed and dead. So they must be getting the slides cleared up. My total down here at Lucia since these rains started in Dec. 17th is 11 1/4 “.

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