Weather Report, 12/30/10

4:00 pm – never got out of the 30’s up here, and with the wind, it seemed even colder.

NOAA puts the next storm in on Friday night, possibly thru Monday,and a SLO forecast puts it in on Saturday and last thru Tuesday. All seem to agree there is another storm headed our way. One report indicates snow down to 2,000 ft on New Year’s Day. That could be fun!

10:00 am – 1/2 inch of water froze solid in the rain barrel; the dog dish frozen solid; 35 degrees, currently, but lots of blue skies and sunshine. Very busy day on top of this mountain today, but will keep an eye on my usual reports as I can. Almost 2011, and I have something planned for tomorrow that I think you will enjoy!

One thought on “Weather Report, 12/30/10

  1. frost on the windshield, frost on the lawn, could see my breath in the house. There are nomads in Siberia who would consider it a day to sunbathe.

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