Stunning January Days in Big Sur

After the cold, nasty, wet weather of December, January has been unbelievable. For me, it is better than summer, as it is not too hot, and there are no bugs yet. For weeks now, we have had just about the most perfect weather available anywhere in California. Add to that our stunning landscape, and it doesn’t get any better than this.

Here are a couple of Dan Danborn’s photos taken a few days ago:

Grimes north by Dan Danbom

Grimes south by Dan Danbom

Thanks, Dan! Those say it all.

3 thoughts on “Stunning January Days in Big Sur

  1. Thank you Big Sur Kate, and Dan Danborn. Beautiful pictures. What a place to know as home. It’s so wonderful to be able to pop in here and see these intimate sights of Big Sur. Talk about local news, it just doesn’t get any better than this. I agree about our glorious streak, in December I could only think oh God look what we’re in for now til spring. Goes to show we never really know what’s around the corner and indeed it just might be the best news we ever had.

  2. O the temptation–well–temptation only goes so far when the snow is piling up around you. LOL. Snow is cool but this looks soooo appealing. One can dream……

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