6 thoughts on “Magic this way comes

  1. I love this photograph as much as the title. You remind me to be open to,to tap into what’s all around us. I say to the gallery visitors that we live in a magical place. You always make it resonate again with me by you just being here.
    Thanks, Kate.

  2. Looks a lot like our night sky last night as we were driving out to run errands. That wash of pinkish-peachy-red, a blood rill on the rim of the world’s eye. Gorgeous. Humbling. How can anyone be bored with so much beauty in the world? Thanks, Kate!

  3. Love this, Kate. Don’t tell me what photographically caused those streaks. I always like to think of them as spirits allowing us to see them and share with us what they are offering up. 🙂

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