Just talked to my son, who is holding down the mountain for me, and it started snowing about 5 pm tonight.

A surf advisory issued this afternoon, and my dear friend Debbie sent me some photos, which I will post below.

I am still in Redondo Beach, and my mother is still hanging in there.

Little Sur River 1 by Debbie Reed

Little Sur River 2, by Debbie Reed

Little Sur River 3, by Debbie Reed

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Radical storm this afternoon. Pacific Valley School closed early at 3, when we saw it coming. Reports of heavy rain and wind, thunder and lightning, and even hail and sleet. 2.75″ in the gauge at Carmel River, and serious road dangers. As I drove north, I went through it all from Big Creek to Coast Gallery. The rain was blinding, and there was flooding on the road. The scariest were the sudden down-canyon gusts on the bridges.

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