Photo Contest Finalists

This was by far the hardest contest to winnow down to only 10 of the best photos out of the eventual 54 I received. Some amazing work! They are in completely random order. There were a few I liked just as much as the ones below, but they would have completely lost their essence when cropped to header format. I will show some of those after the contest is over. For now, vote for your favorite. Only one vote, please, tough as it will be!

Photo #1










Lest you all think I was slacking, I couldn’t get these up over the weekend, as I had storm-related emergencies up here. I’ll keep a link to this post on my first, sticky post “Notices” and keep voting open for a week, so all can enjoy.

Okay, as Dave points out, I screwed up, and there is no way to vote for #8. Please vote in the comment section, and I will tally those votes by hand. Sorry, photographer for #8. And today, Tuesday, I noted the poll disappeared completely! Serious gremlins at work up here! I’m looking into it, to see what happened, so if you see TWO polls, the one immediately below is the test poll, and the first one is the original poll. Please vote on the first, original poll, and ignore the one below, IF it shows up!!