CPOA & Sam Farr open meeting on Saturday

From CPOA:

“Dear Friends and Residents of Big Sur,

Notice of a Critical Public Meeting!

Who: Congressman Sam Farr and CPOA
What: Big Sur Management Unit Act of 2011
When: Saturday, June 18th from 10 AM to Noon
Where: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Conference Center
(please park in the lower parking lot)
Why: Understand the issues and participate in the Democratic process.

Coast Property Owners Association (Coastal Community Stewards) and United States 17th Congressional District Representative Sam Farr are conducting an open discussion on Congressman Farrs pending legislation affecting Big Sur, known as the Big Sur Management Unit Act (BSMUA). This legislation has the potential to have a profound impact on the future viability of Big Sur, as a community.

Please make time to attend what will probably be your only chance to weigh in on policy that, if enacted, will change the way the Monterey District of the Los Padres National Forest is funded and managed. To more fully understand the issues arising from this new legislation, please visit http://www.farr.house.gov for a copy of the latest version of the Bill and visit http://www.cpoabigsur.org for a copy of CPOA’s open letter to Congressman Farr.

Thank You,
Butch Kronlund, President
Coast Property Owners Association”

If you would like some background reading material about this issue, particularly as it relates to the issues regarding wildland firefighting in our area should the bill pass, please visit the comprehensive website on the issue: Farr’s bill
This is the only website bigsurkate was able to find that addresses the issue from the perspective of those that live in and around the area that would be affected by the proposed bill. All the others are either news agencies, or groups that fight for the conservation and protection of wild lands in Big Sur and other areas. Some of those are listed below. I suggest if you are interested, you become informed, and attend the meeting, if possible.

And there are some additional sites from wilderness conservation groups in support of the bill: leave it wild.org

or: californiawild.org

or: ventana chapter, Sierra Club