Phoenix, from the ashes & Community

Yesterday was the summer solstice and the 3d anniversary of the start of the Basin Fire, called the Gallery fire back then. It is a time to be grateful for the spirit of Big Sur and the community that supports her. Nowhere is that more evident than at the Don Case homestead.

Joyce Duffy, of the Don Case homestead, wishes to share this with all of us – near and far.

“It is the anniversary if the lightning strike that ignited the Fire that incinerated Don’s house and then went on to consume hundreds of thousands of acres of Big Sur…The whole community suffered shock and loss.
But right now I am watching in awe the miracle of this Houseraising…the joyful energy and teamwork renders me speechless…families and businesses are sending food and coffee and ice for the carpenter volunteers who work ceaselessly in the hot sun…supportive wishes are coming from all directions. This is just a hint of what the power of Community can do, and maybe it is a chance for healing and rebirthing for all of us. On behalf of the Case family, thank you all”


Budda Bowl by Joyce Duffy

And now:

Phoenix Fireplace by Joyce Duffy

Don at building by Joyce Duffy

Going up, by Joyce Duffy

We live in a very special place, much as I imagine small towns always have been. There is nothing like a sense of place to ground one.