Rebuilding after the Basin Fire – the Love of Community

11 days – for 11 days, a group of dedicated professionals put their own lives and livelihoods on hold while they helped one of our own. I wish I knew all of your names, so I could honor you here, but I only know some that I recognized from the photos. But I also know, you did not do it for the recognition. You did it to help a neighbor in need. And because — that is who you are and what you do. I honor you. We all do.

Shortly after the Basin Fire ended, Coast Property Owners Association (CPOA) set out on a mission – a lofty, and difficult mission to raise the funds to help Don Case rebuild his home. His home was built in the 60’s, I believe, and the only one lost in this horrific fire that was not insured. And so, CPOA began a quest to help our neighbor, Don Case, and his family.

Mike Gilson, Dick Ravich, Butch and Patte Kronlund, Lisa Kleissner, and Ned Callihan, all the Board Members of CPOA, made it happen. Daily donations of lunch from the Big Sur Deli, courtesy of Kurt Mayer, gave all the volunteer carpenters what they needed to work all day. And Gabe Case is doing an extraordinary job as Project Manager.

The framing is done, and recent donations have made the installation of the roof sprinkler system possible. Everyone is on a break for about a month, but next is the installation of the doors, windows, and siding. Here are some photos by Joyce Duffy of Day 11, yesterday, Friday 7/1/11.

The House, by Joyce Duffy

Standing by the Phoenix Fireplace, by Joyce Duffy

At the Apex, by Joyce Duffy

Never has the term, Namansté (I salute the divine in you) held as much meaning for me as when I was writing this post. I salute you all, and I salute a community who creates this kind of wonderfulness. I don’t know how I got so lucky to land here 26 years ago, but each and every day, I am thankful I did.

What better way to celebrate July 4th?? It’s not just a BBQ – It is a HOUSE RAISING!!

4 thoughts on “Rebuilding after the Basin Fire – the Love of Community

  1. Beautiful! True Big Sur Spirit. And the beat goes on, in full community and caring. 🙂

  2. Tears at every Don Case post. In part that I witness a family with courage to overcome the grief in every windblown ash and burn scarred rock. And too, that I witness the tender insistence in the Big Sur coast and cliff dwellers that of course! they must not leave this home this land. Thank you, Kate. Big Sur July 4 is filled with new vows from its best revolutionaries.

  3. What a wonderful celebration of community giving. I can hardly wait to see the images of this wonderful home. It will be a place that “LOVE” built, truly. I admire you all!
    Happy 4th Everyone!

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