Best Buddies Race

Just a reminder that the Best Buddies race will take place tomorrow, Saturday, September 10th, along Highway One between Carmel and Hearst Castle. While the road is not closed, it is difficult to navigate, and the riders tend to take up most of the south bound lane making it hard to get around them. Be safe out there.

Also, there was a public announcement from Cal-Trans about work on all the bridges from the county line to Carmel Highlands in the next few months, but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. When I do, I will post it.

2 thoughts on “Best Buddies Race

  1. Thanks again for a timely reminder, Kate. I hate to read about anything that affects traffic to Big Sur, hopefully the buddies of the buddies and their buddies will be stopping in to buy paintings! Bad news about bridge work, though I’m sure it’s needed. Shopkeeps holding breath, sky holding sun; smaller crowds. This painter praying for sunshine through to January.

  2. Thanks, Kate. While we all support the cause, makes for a difficult drive to the north on Saturday morning and appreciate the heads up. You are the best to us!

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