Wicked Winds and Thunder?

11:00 pm – just received from my SLO Co weatherman
“An upper-level low pressure system spinning off the coast of Southern California is drifting northeastward and steering subtropical moisture in a counterclockwise fashion over San Luis Obispo County tonight.

Thunderstorms developed in eastern regions of San Luis Obispo County this evening and are now spreading throughout our area tonight with numerous lightning strikes reported.
Please see http://www.sloweather.com/lightning.htm
This thunderstorm activity will continue through early Saturday morning.  

Because of the dry air in place and limited moisture accompanying
these storms, dry lighting is possible. Gusty winds near thunderstorms
can also add to the fire danger. However, brief periods of rain and hail are also possible.  

The upper-level low responsible for this activity will move to the east later on Saturday, leaving behind mostly dry and clear skies. For your safety, stay inside during electrical storms.

9:45 pm – Couldn’t tell for sure, but it was either the rumble of thunder, or the falling of a tree in the forest, although my thunder phobic dog has been hiding for an hour, and her hearing is better than mine. The wicked winds have my other three on edge. Going to be a long night. Have some interesting shots of the clouds, but reception not good enough to upload tonight. Will try tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Wicked Winds and Thunder?

  1. Kind of a gorgeous very fall day here, sun hither and yon, then all yon around 4, got dark, wind gusts, great clouds, big whoop that blew paintings off my gallery doors, got tall daisies waving… then gone to sun in less than 15 minutes. Haven’t heard thunder or rain, stay safe, Kate. Thanks as always for the alerts.Hugs to you and pups. All quiet near midnight on northern front.

  2. Had an interesting ride down the coast last night with fat drops of rain beginning at Partington and only lasting a few minutes, as fat drops are wont to do! Then got to Lucia to a good rain needing the wipers all the time. All the time it’s horizontal lightning with no down strikes that I could see. Got to Limekiln, still raining, and a whiteout dust storm from the slide area south of the park with a rock hitting my car. Luckily no real damage, just another dent and a small chunk out of my plastic siding! That wildness was short lived only lasting for less than a mile! It sure felt as though anything could go with the weather… more than ever I was very happy to be home!

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