Weather, Jade Festival, Photo Contest

Weather is a bit unsettled, or at least I am getting conflicting reports of possible thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow, and then a second storm next week (before Jade Fest, so far).

I have been busy with preparations for the Jade Festival, as well as work, but continue to work on the photo contest. I apparently lost my mind when I said everyone could submit up to 5 photos – I’ve recovered, but still getting them all downloaded and filed.

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  1. You’ve got a generous spirit that says the more the merrier, Kate. Not insanity. I asked a friend if I wouldn’t be the very last to know if I’d lost my mind so would he please alert me if he noticed. He said yes, very kindly, and not to worry because he’d take my slippers.
    Carry on with excesses, photo contest et al. It’s a good way to live. Love you, thanks for the updates.

  2. The SLO County weather report is saying small chance of rain for tomorrow & Sunday. It is a lot less possible than what we had last week-end so that’s good. Then there is a chance for Wed. & Thurs. & that is a pacific front coming out of Alaska. That would be our first storm of the season.
    Hopefully it will be done in time for the Jade Festival. If we get another wet year like last year the road will close again at Brewer’s aka the “Seaview Ranch”. A nice moderate year would be nice so that doesn’t happen. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!!
    XXOO, Sand Dollar

  3. Kate,
    I’ll be keeping a close watch on the incoming storms for the PTO and others. I just checked the satellite, and the first cyclone and its cold front are poised off the Washington and Oregon coast, with the center off Vancouver. A second, larger cyclone system is spinning in the Alaskan Gulf, right behind it. By my interpretation, the NWS predicted timing is spot-on. Right now, things look good for the Jade Festival. These storms will bring cold Arctic air behind them, and it looks like a cold, stable air mass will roll in around Thursday, giving us cool and clear weather for the Jade Festival. But, be ready for some heavy rain Wednesday and Thursday.

    Captain Lingcod

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