4 am Weather Watchers

Oh, what a racket I woke to! I have a metal roof, so the sound of rain, if gentle is refreshing. If pounding – it is amplified! This morning, I was awakened from a sound sleep. Shortly after, hail – significant hail – join the din assaulting my ears. Then thunder and lightning join in. By 5 am, all is quiet. Little did I know (or frankly care, at 5 am!) that the quiet was attributable to snow. In November! I woke to a nice blanket. Closer inspection revealed it to be a combination of snow and hail. At almost 11 am, it is only 42 degrees. Nothing a pair of silk long johns, long socks and a sweater won’t handle. I received .75 inches, for a total of 6.65 for the season. Big Sur Station and the Grange both report .50 for the storm.

Snow on Cone Peak, of course, but I can’t get a shot of it, due to the clouds, so this one taken about 10:30 am out my back door.

It is not the best shot, and I really should have gotten out of my warm, down-comforted bed at the crack of dawn for a good shot – but what can I say? I can be lazy that way. 😉