Two storm fronts colliding

Late this afternoon, my neighbor and I got to view what probably few people see. Souh of Plaskett, winds were blowing to the north. One could see it on the ocean. North of Plaskett, the winds were blowing to the south, with a maelstrom on the ocean where they met. I can only guess that it was two fronts meeting. What a strange phenomena! Neither my neighbor or I had ever seen anything like it!

Veterans Day

This ex WAC is taking the day off, trying to stay warm and dry. (except for filing the Gennie during a certainty lived break in the rain. The rest if the day is fir movies and books, and I have a new one of each!

Rain started here about 11, and it was quite heavy until about 2. Now it is gentle. I suspect a leak in my rain gauge, so I doubt my reading is accurate. Currently, it reads 6/10ths of an inch. Last rain, there was 1/2 an inch in the gauge, next reading, there was nada. Thus, my conclusion about the leak. I have received no notices re the road, but would check the CHP site, if you are traveling Highway Ine today. Taking the day off, I hope.