Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. Blocked

UPDATE – Neighbor from Alm’s Ridge reported back at 1 am, that it took 4 hours to cut their way through from Ponderosa Campground to Alm’s Ridge (coming the back way up Nasty-Fergusson) due to downed trees. See comment section for reports from Clear Ridge.

From the coast going up, Nasty Fergy is blocked by many fallen trees, per a trustworthy neighbor. I will attempt to call the county and PV Station in the morning. For now, you can’t get there from here, or where ever.

High Wind Warning

… thru Thursday! Gusts of up to 70 mph on the ridges (that’s me!) Sounds like a gentle breeze to me. Winds of 145 mph broke my neighbor’s wind gauge once. I remember them, too, as I couldn’t stay upright without holding on to the railing, and even then, it was touch-and-go. All my patio furniture blew down the hill.

Watch for downed trees and power lines, everyone. I am hoping Plaskett stays clear!