High Wind Warning

… thru Thursday! Gusts of up to 70 mph on the ridges (that’s me!) Sounds like a gentle breeze to me. Winds of 145 mph broke my neighbor’s wind gauge once. I remember them, too, as I couldn’t stay upright without holding on to the railing, and even then, it was touch-and-go. All my patio furniture blew down the hill.

Watch for downed trees and power lines, everyone. I am hoping Plaskett stays clear!

3 thoughts on “High Wind Warning

  1. Hi Kate, Richard is right! He lives near me on Clear Ridge.

    Richard, we must be getting gusted at 70/hour. I estimate this based on what we got during the last El Nino. Funny thing is that it is coming from the NW at my house.

    I have a dead tree down and hope it won’t startle my blind 35 year old horse, who runs free, yet sticks close to home these days. It is Mio, for those of you who know him. Best horse around, still having his dearest buddy Squeekee, 35 year old Shetland pony. They were left behind by the ex and … I think they never had it this good since.

    I am wearing a baseball hard hat which was found in the free box years ago … and turned of my propane appliances, just in case a tree comes crashing in.

    After shredding my nerves for the last few weeks with its grueling noise, I called the Sherif earlier tonight, non emergency, to get this machine to stop. It seems ‘unreasonable’ to be operating over the sides of Clear Ridge road in the dark, during these windy conditions and ….. oh … here comes another gust … hitting the house now! They remind me of labor pains the way they come on and pass through.

    Getting back to this monster machine, like a tank with a crane attached and at the end of the crane, a metal contraption ripping up everything the operator desires … I anticipated it to hit a rock and spark a fire! Guess after getting $400,000 to do the job to prevent fire, it just may start one!

    Big Sur Wireless is still up, best service in town!

    I’ll put some cotton in my ears an hope to find some quiet time in bed … or under it if need be.

  2. We were estimating about 70 mph too! Just pulling the number out of the air, so to speak. The top half of a dead tree fell onto the deck!

    It’s a bit windy again as I types this.

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