Birds Eye View

Hello everyone it’s Avis.

Recently I was given some aerial shots of the bridge & rock shed that is being built near Limekiln State Park on Hwy 1 in Big Sur. These shots were taken a few weeks ago. Now the gap in the bridge is almost done. I was told that by the end of this week the last section will be done. Amazing what goes into building a bridge.

These three shots were taken by a pilot friend of the job Supervisor. Enjoy!

Birds eye view of building a bridge
Birds eye view of building a bridge2
Birds eye view of building a bridge3

I also had an amazing opportunity to go up 172 feet into the air by way of crane and basket with camera in hand. Got some unique shots from a perspective not many get to see. I’ll share those soon.

Happy Holidays! ~Avis~

Major Thunder!

I dont know what happened to the original post, my neurotic dog sat in the iPhone while I was trying to edit this post. Major. Big thunder! Lightning, hail. Serious stuff up here! Driving the dogs crazy, who are in turn driving me nuts! 1.1 as of this morning, but several cloud bursts since. Big Sur Valley had 1.25 overnight.