Birds Eye View

Hello everyone it’s Avis.

Recently I was given some aerial shots of the bridge & rock shed that is being built near Limekiln State Park on Hwy 1 in Big Sur. These shots were taken a few weeks ago. Now the gap in the bridge is almost done. I was told that by the end of this week the last section will be done. Amazing what goes into building a bridge.

These three shots were taken by a pilot friend of the job Supervisor. Enjoy!

Birds eye view of building a bridge
Birds eye view of building a bridge2
Birds eye view of building a bridge3

I also had an amazing opportunity to go up 172 feet into the air by way of crane and basket with camera in hand. Got some unique shots from a perspective not many get to see. I’ll share those soon.

Happy Holidays! ~Avis~

7 thoughts on “Birds Eye View

  1. Avis, thanks so much for getting and sharing these photos with all our readers. They are just amazing! I got a shot the other sunset (Weds) of the bridge almost completed, with a wrecking ball in the center of the gap. Will try to get it up when internet goddess is in a good mood! (or tomorrow, when town will bring me faster service!)

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