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About a year ago, a reader in Fresno informed me of an ad for Treebones on my blog. I couldn’t see it, and John Handy knew nothing of it. Since then, others have noticed ads, as have I.

My blog has become popular, so ads are becoming more and more a part of it. I do not get paid for these ads. In fact, I have to pay MORE to have an ad-free blog through an update. I already pay for storage, and will have to pay for more sometime next year. So, I started questioning how I could get paid for the ads on my blog, and I was just accepted into a new program which will allow that to happen starting next year.

Just prior to being accepted into this program, I was offered the chance to buy My offer of $200 was rejected, so I went to and purchased and Both have now been directed to my blog. Turns out this was a good thing, as I had to have my own domain to be accepted into the wordad program, and yesterday I was! So, starting next year, I will have more ads on my blog, but the money it generates (I imagine quite small) will help me to off-set the cost of the space I must pay for in order to keep this blog going and to archive ALL the old “stuff” I have posted. I hope this will work for all of us, and that the ads are not too intrusive. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about these changes.

Also, in my major push to get some photos up in the last couple of weeks, I managed to use up most of my data allowance for this month, so I will be watching how long I am online until the 22nd, when the next cycle starts.

Also, a new rain gauge found a good, solid place to be which should render accurate readings, and is anchored so it should not be subject to loss due to winds. Also, today, I got my wireless weather station set up. It still needs to be tied off, but absent unexpected winds, it is up and running. With it, not only can I get indoor/outdoor temperature readings, wind speeds (up to 100 mph), barometric pressure, forecasts, and history of maximums and minimums. This, hopefully will allow me to make more accurate weather reports this winter. We are uptown now, boys and girls!

Happy Holidays! I’ll still be here, but a tad less frequently until after the 22nd!

12 thoughts on “Changes coming to bigsurkate

  1. Well, Kate, if one thing is true in life, it is that change is inevitable. I’m sure we, your readers, can handle a few ads. It will be worth it to keep your blog going and keep us informed. If you can make a little off the ads, well, you so deserve it! Thanks again for all you do!

  2. I completely support you in this Kate. Your blog is so important to me, as are you. I, like Lois, hope it generates enough income that you can possibly get paid for some of your time as well. You are so valuable to Big Sur as well as so many others who have been blessed to find your site. Hope you are enjoying December. I so appreciate you. Thanks for the info.

  3. Thanks, everyone! I knew my readers would understand! Don’t forget, header photo contest is now underway. See the notices post above for details, but send me two photos of Big Sur, doesn’t HAVE to be winter-related, but that would be nice!

  4. I’ll learn to ignore the ads like I do all ads! Typical, that it would cost to not have ads!

  5. Wow! Lots of good changes. I hope it all works out for the best. I have never had an issue with ads here but my slow satellite connect does not like the snow thing.

    Okay, so does this mean I can’t make another post with pics till after the 22nd?

  6. 100% support you and your efforts with this great site. I understand and agree that you should make efforts to recoup some costs….look forward to the weather reports!

  7. If this keeps you going, I am all for it. We all live in a consumer society whether we like it or not.

  8. Kate,
    Your blog has become so valuable to us across the community. Unlike any other source of info, your coverage is immediate, real, and relevant to those of us who have to deal with the phenomena that happens along this precipitous stretch of coast.Thanks for all you have done over the years. Hope the new system with the ads will give you some well-deserved compensation for your hard work. So some ads will be no problem…maybe some interesting market products will be introduced to us out here in the “back woods”. Best wishes, and may your Holiday season bless you with health, happiness, and prosperity.

  9. Thank you, David for your kind words. Josh, such a sweet offer. Don’t worry, I am still here, and making my way through the rest of the cycle a bit cautiously. I am learning to use other wifi hotspots when I go to town!

  10. Great job! A few ads wont hurt, and if it provides a little extra in the pockets, thats an added bonus. Change is good. 😀

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