Rain, Condors, and Photo Contest

Big Sur Valley reported 3/4″ of rain. My rain gauge read only .2 of an inch, but it continued this morning until I was up to .4 inches.

We’ve been notified that there will be a special on the CBS News December 17th about the Big Sur Condor Protection Story.

Finally, I only have one (great) header photo submitted so far, and there are only 3 days left in the contest! You guys and gals always wait until the last minute. Remember, this quarter, the prize is a $50 gift certificate to the Big Sur Bakery by Mike Gilson of Big Sur Real Estate. See the notices section directly above this post for details!

2 thoughts on “Rain, Condors, and Photo Contest

  1. Kate is this a photography contest, I thought that was already judged (fantastic photo choice)

    We didn’t get a bit of rain in Capitola.


  2. I do 4 contests a year. While the last one in September was great, with lots of entries, this one has generated little response. Don’t be intimidated by the size. I can crop, if necessary.

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