Rain & Possible Wind & Photo Contest

Well, I was caught unawares this morning. I had an unexpected cloud burst this morning just after sunrise, and then later, some light rain. I think the total was only about .10 of an inch, but despite seeing the slight chance of scattered sprinkles, for some reason, I thought I was immune. Fat chance! There is also some possibility of increased winds this afternoon/evening, but no evidence of that yet at 3:30 pm.

PHOTO CONTEST: Okay, readers – I have only received FIVE entries from 3 readers and the contest ends tonight at midnight. If you are intimidated by the size of the banner, don’t be. I can crop the winning photo in the best possible way I can so it will fit. Come on

One thought on “Rain & Possible Wind & Photo Contest

  1. Oh no! A tenth of an inch of rain! How can you manage, Kate? Here, the Big Sur Nation embassy has been battened down in anticipation of a massive winter storm now crossing France and due to arrive here in a few hours with winds around 100kph (62 mph) on the Swiss plain reaching hurricane force in the Alps, with temperatures near 3° C (37° F) and heavy rain with the snow level falling to under 1000 meters (3000 feet). Wonderful! Just like the good old days at Timber Top.

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