Big Sur’s compassionate citizens

I am glad so many people here are supporting our South Coast crew, willing to recognize that there is more to this story than we have heard. So many of you are keeping an open mind, willing to prevent the presumption of innocence (yes, I know how to spell it) from being a meaningless series of words just strung together. We are doing what we are so known for, supporting each other in difficult times.

Truth has many sides, not just one or two. I often used to tell juries, as does a jury instruction, that two people witnessing the same event, will have two different versions. They may be similar, and they may differ little or a lot, but if they are the same, it is because the two parties got together and decided jointly which version they would present. Ask any cop, or defense attorney. We know this is the way of perception.

This Cal Trans story likely will have many layers, and many parts. We may never know what is true, particularly if we cannot depend on the local media. It will come to light in bits and pieces over the next few days, weeks, and perhaps months.

On a related note, i am concerned that I have yet again been removed from Jack’s WildBigSur email list, after posting a version of my Innocence post there. I never saw it, and I wouldn’t have seen the 5-6 responses I received, if it hadn’t been forwarded to me by a friend. Why does he do this? I know of at least one other very knowledgable, very responsible blogger about things Big Sur, who has also been banned. Given my experience, and this other person’s, I do not believe it is an accident. I would love to be wrong. I haven’t gotten ANY Pelican Network emails for a couple years now, unless they are forwarded, and I just was re-added to WildBigSur a couple months ago, and once again, I have been removed – because I spoke out about an injustice? Why is that? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I’ve had my own problems there, and suppose him to be a man frightened of offending a particular group, of which you (and I) clearly are the outties not the innies. One helluva way to live the only life he’s got. Nice badge of honor for the black sheep. Baa.

  2. I think none of us can say too often, Innocent until Proven Guilty. I will not judge them, and hope no one else will either. These are our neighbors,

  3. Well, like you so beautifully pointed out there are as many different perceptions to an event as there are people who have witnessed it. Perhaps Jack has his own perception of the situation and feels he only wants to hear what projects his view point only. I do have to say, I do not know Jack nor have I read anything from WildBigSur so I can not even begin to presume why he has removed you. I do not judge, I am just stating a possibility. I hope that people continue to keep an open mind re: this entire situation.

  4. complacency in”Big Government” is what it is, with a breath of air singing it’s daily diet

  5. Kate: I receive a lot of these mailings and most of the time they don’t apply to me but he appears to be very active. You are a huge resource in Big Sur and we love you!

    I don’t suppose you can have a chat with him, sometimes folks may consider others competition and when they realize that it may not be that, they may not cut you out. They really should not cut you out.

    And it may be a clerical error of some kind but talking it out is important.

  6. Jack’s primary loyalty seems to lay with Guest Services Inc. ( They are the ones who sign his paychecks, and he ultimately must answer to them.

    Jack was introduced to this area as an employee of the Big Sur Lodge, and Guest Services Inc. As their “minister of information” (as I see it),
    he acts on their behalf under the guise of doing things that are supposedly “good for the community.”

    So far, I have not seen anything come from that man that is truly beneficial to Big Sur… at least, not the Big Sur I know and love! In the best case, he is a meddling fool who means well, in the worst case, he is working to further some sinister, as yet unknown corporate goal.

    Even his website seems to be tailored towards promoting the Big Sur Lodge, while some other local businesses seemingly receive nary a mention. (Glen Oaks Motel, Ripplewood, Riverside Campgrounds, etc.)

    Paranoid, you say? Perhaps, a tad. Still, you know what they say, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

    I seriously hope that the Cal Trans 5 did not do what they are being accused of. The whole affair sounds a lot like some suit misinterpreting rural life to me.

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