Wildfire near Gonzales

7 pm- Final count was 63 acres. Just got word from my girlfriend, Cheryl Harris, prior owner of Exotica, that 10 of those acres were on Jim’s ranch, where she lives.

4:00 pm- the fire made a run up hill. AT 81 laid down a lot of retardant, and it looks like they got the forward movement stopped at 50-75 acres. AT 81 is in load and hold at Hollister. Nice save!

3:30 pm -It is 30 acres near Iverson and Johnson Canyon, in MoCo. It is very hot up here, and probably there as well. The Salinas Valley consistently has afternoon winds. I will keep an eye on this. If I don’t update, it means the great guys and gals at Cal Fire jumped all over this puppy.

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