A little of this, a little of that


To me, our hills are very sensuous, particularly in the spring, as when this one was shot.

Just a word of update for all those curious about what has been happening on the case involving the 5 Cal Trans workers. The last court date was 8/23, and it was continued again until October, which is not unusual, apparently due to voluminous amounts of paper. There has not been a preliminary hearing, yet.


The same contractor who has been doing this project will be starting the Rocky Creek Viaduct after labor day. There will be a community meeting about the impact of the project, if any, on Emergency Services this week. It is looking like Thursday at MAF at 10:00, but that has not yet been firmed up. Cal Trans is also looking to make a presentation at the next MAF meeting in October.

Okay, this doesn’t have to do with anything. I just like it!

3 thoughts on “A little of this, a little of that

  1. Kate..At times, I have seen the Big Sur hills as giant greened bodies laying down. 🙂 Sensuous indeed.

  2. I used to think green ochres the most dismal non-colors until I started seeing them in Van Gogh’s work, startled by them, then thrilled, and there it is in Kate’s Big Sur hills stirring my heart anew. What treats in store when eyes are opened by strangers and friends.

  3. this time of year,..it’s hard enough to see the spiders thru the cobwebs…here along the coast–lol

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