It’s Hailing!

2:30 pm – It started hailing here about 2:00 and it has continued for almost 1/2 an hour and continues. The sun is shining. It is significant. Pics to follow, a bit at a time because 1. I am still taking them, and 2. The Internet has become persnickety. There are sparkles of mother natures diamonds everywhere! At 3:00 pm, the hail continues, and I continue to try to add photos as I can. Still hailing 1 and 1/4 hours later. I’ve never seen it hail this much for this long up here!





3 thoughts on “It’s Hailing!

  1. And at Pacific
    Valley School, we had a brilliant double rainbow form about 3pm, and last for over an hour!!! One end of the rainbow was at your house, up there on the mountain, and the othe other was ending at that old gold mine near DZ’s place in Plaskett canyon. So, as soon as I was through with the Winter Show rehearsals with the kids, I took a quick jade-huntung break to Gem Cove, and loaded up my pocket with some translucent and chatoyant pieces!
    And…mark your calendars for the school’s Winter Show, next Wednesday night at 6pm at the school. There are some absolutely hilarious skits, and some impressive guitar and violin tunes, skillfully played by the kids. (And, yes, I’ll be up on stage, too, pickin’ my ol’ ’68 Gibson SG electric). EVERYONE is invited…this show is a gift from us to the community!

    Kate, I’ll send you a beautiful poster made by Tafay Wilson, and her daughter, Athena (who is a magical little artist!).

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