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It is hard to tell from this photo, but there are 40+ stranded tourists sleeping in their cars at Lucia, and three RVs. They’re stuck between the two slides. CalTrans will be out at first light to clear the road both north and south, if possible. I have no idea how bad it is, as I have received no first hand reports. My son spoke with a German tourist parked at Lucia for the night and the tourist said there boulders covering the road 12 kilometers north. I have been in email contact with both the PIO, Colin Jones, and Greg DeAlba, the Supervisor of the Willow Springs maintenance yard, and CT will be out at first light.

Just got a call at 5:41 pm, from Colin Jones of Cal-Trans. Highway One is closed from Ragged Point to just South of Big Sur at mm 42. (Grimes)There is a slide near south of Gorda, Colin said near Alder Creek, but i suspect Mud Creek, as that has been acting out lately, and a number of other places are questionable. The highway is closed for the night. It will be re-evaluated in the morning, and Colin will call with additional information in the morning. I apologize for the original typos that my subscribers see, but I am on iPad most of the time, and typos are the way of typing by touch.

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  1. anyone know if there are still lines of backed up cars at the PO?

    from chp web site:

    00772 6:17 PM Mud/Dirt/Rock
    Sr1 / Post Office Big Sur
    36.237222 -121.770278


  2. No, probably it is just the closure, but I’ll check it out. Two slides down here, one south of Gorda, and Another north of Lucia. I am very busy with obtaining and disseminating info and my my iPad, fingers, and autocorrect a making a mess of my posts.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. Thanks, Kate, for this, sending some good vibes your way as it’s sorted out. It rained REALLY hard here a few times since last night in Capitola, I can only imagine how it is down there.

  4. I live up on Partington and at the bottom of our road there is a massive (for our area anyways) rock slide. It started above our road and has slopped down to HWY1 about 50 feet below our road. There’s a CHP posted at the bottom and from what I saw there were boulders the size of VW bugs. I’ll try and get some pics tomorrow and email em to you.

  5. Sounds pretty intense. The thing to remember is the solid road where you are can drop, too, along with what’s in front already blocking your path. Cautious experiment required. Big Sur denizens are so good in a crisis.

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