2d Partington Slide, 12/26/12



These first two photos are CalTrans photos, this is what it looked like BEFORE RK got there. the next six are by Rock Knocker, and you can see the “after” of the first CT photo is number 6 in RK’s. (okay, CT photos not loading right away, so be back in a bit.)

This gives you an idea of what is going on …


This shows what is on the verge on coming down, and helps to show why CT needs to keep this closed while they figure out how to deal with this.


It takes a village to keep THIS ROAD open … And geologists, and engineers, and heavy equipment operators, and machines!





All Photos by Rock Knocker

4 thoughts on “2d Partington Slide, 12/26/12

  1. Thanks, Kate et al. Nothing like actually seeing it. Bad. I’m simultaneously pleased and stunned that nothing’s ever under these things. Hoorah for that. Love Inspector Lab. So Big Sur.

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