1/5/12 Storm Report

Significant storm in our midst, and it really picked up here – as in very heavy rain, so heavy and loud the dogs are shaking – in the last few minutes. CHP is reporting that 101, north of Chualar is flooding, and cars are spinning out. I am trying to upload some radar and vapor satellite photos, but no luck at the moment. In any event, please be careful if you are going to be out and about tonight. Avoid it, if you aren’t already out.



~ by bigsurkate on January 5, 2013.

5 Responses to “1/5/12 Storm Report”

  1. People tend to ignore weather conditions while driving on
    paved roads… drive defensively if you have to go out, stay home
    if you can!


  2. The cold Arctic air and the warm tropical air, in that storm cyclone, are chasing each other like a cat chasing its tail…

    …or rotate the satellite photo 90 degrees counterclockwise, and you got an image of a huge, grinding wave barrel, ready to be surfed!

    …Finally, yes, it is raining cats-and-dogs at Pacific Valley School.


  3. It is NOT a “fishin’ day” !


  4. Nice rain last night here in the Valley, heavy at times, brought the river up a smidgen, once the water quits churning the river will go back to that beautiful jade green. Happy Sunday, skies looking blue.


  5. What a strange IMAGE! Wow.
    Be safe everyone THERE!


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