Missy, the Mystery Dog, part 3

Missy has been a member of my household for two weeks, now, and she has experienced so many new things. She and the rest of my pack have found their relationships.

The first time I left her home, I put her in the bedroom, my two alphas in the living room, and closed the door between them. When I came home, it was as if she didn’t know I would be back. She was quite relieved. The second time I left her at home, with the two alphas, I left the door open, so Dakota would have access to my bed, Missy would have hers, and Gideon would have the couch, if he wanted. I was worried, but need not have been. They were all fine.

In the two weeks she has lived with us, she sits, stays, comes, goes where I point, lays down on her bed when told, gets in the car, gets in the back, but “down” is the hardest order she has to obey, as she likes to get up on me, whether sitting, standing, or laying down. She knows it, but has trouble obeying.

The other night, one of my two cats decided to hide after she was fed, so I wouldn’t put her outside. I said out loud, “Where is the cat? Where did she go?” To my surprise, Missy started sniffing around, following a path into the bathroom. I followed. I watched her sniff between things, under things, and then alert behind the bathtub. Damn, that is where the cat was! I gave her lots of congratulations, but I was astounded. How did she even know the word “”cat?” She is either brilliant or psychic.

What a gal!