Sparkling snow

Stunning this morning in the first light of day … Took some photos, and will take some more, but coffee and fire first. Bright sunshine, but quite cold. The whole coast is clear and sparkling! Gorgeous day to wake up in Big Sur – actually, there are no bad days to wake up here!



Those are photos I took just after the sun came up, before coffee and fire. I have a couple others, taken AFTER coffee #1 and starting my fire for the day. The deck and road are still covered, so I can’t drive, or walk outside much, without fear of slipping – not something I’m anxious to do, even for really good photo ops!

Here are a few I took after coffee.

That’s my live Xmas tree. Looks right at home, doesn’t it?

Think I’m going to have to clean off my solar panels, on my solar generator, if I want to recharge today.;-)

My trusty Jeep Commander

That’s it for now, ladies and gents. Enjoy this day, and every day.