Tonight storm


9:00 pm, Saturday night, 3/30, right on time … It is really raining – real rain! Not just a bit of a drizzle … Real, much needed, wonderful rain!

Current radar. Black boxes are lightning strikes.

This is what one forecaster predicts for tonight


That’s Big Sur, right smack in the middle of the yellow.

Spring Break

Monday Morning Plaskett Campground was full … Already. The over flow was creeping up Plaskett. By the weekend most flat spots will be filled. Before they are I got some more spring flowers. On Friday, they were almost all gone! I suspect that will change by this afternoon, when I head back home.

Douglas Iris

Ceanothus, blue and white on my property.

Western Columbine

Owl’s clover.

Tomorrow, I have another post ready to go, of shots taken on a back road I love to travel a couple times a year.

Trail Committee Meeting Summary

Great Summary by CPOA President, Butch Kronlund. BTW, as the season of “doings” and events in Big Sur approaches, I am getting more and more requests to post information on upcoming events, which I am happy to do. In order to cover all that my readers are interested in, it will soon be time to move these event notices to the announcement page, as I have had to do in the past.

“Many of you have requested to be kept informed of the progress of developments on the California Coastal Trail planning process. Here’s a re-cap of the most recent meeting. As this process moves forward, CPOA will issue further updates.

On Saturday March 16th, State Senator Bill Monning, in partnership with the Big Sur, Coast Property Owners Association, conducted a public meeting at the Pfeiffer Big Sur Lodge Conference Center. The purpose of the meeting was to gauge local support for a process that allows for, and relies heavily on, Big Sur residents and property owners, in conjunction with Agency land owners, the responsibility of creating the alignment of the Big Sur segment of the mandated California Coastal Trail. Included in the process document are conditions affecting the creation of the trail such as establishing who maintains it, polices it and monitors it for environmental degradation from over use. The scoping area that the plan covers runs from the Carmel River to the north, down to San Carpoforo Creek to the south and east to the prominent ridges that define the Big Sur planning area.

67 residents and and property owners ranging from the South Coast of Big Sur through to the Carmel Highlands engaged in a spirited question and answer session throughout an informative power point presentation. The presentation outlined the legislative history of the California Coastal Trail enactment as well as highlights of the process document which will serve as a template for community involvement in the trail’s creation. Near the conclusion of the meeting, a show of hands was solicited and the response was 90% of those attending were in support of the community based process, 0% were against and 10% felt they needed more time to digest what they had learned or to dig further into the issue. To download the completed process document with accompanying maps and organizational chart, click on the following link or type into the address bar of your web browser and hit enter.

Several long time locals spoke from the heart regarding the need for our community to stay engaged and when given the choice, strive to shape the outcomes that challenge us as stewards of our lands. Alan Purlmutter said it best when he provided the bottom line to the CCT issue. And I paraphrase, “The state legislature has passed a law that there will be a coastal trail running the length of California, going through Big Sur. The question before us is not whether there will be a segment of the trail going through Big Sur. The question is whether we want a contractor with no ties to Big Sur designing the trail or if we want to do the job ourselves”.

The last words on this subject came from Marty Hartman, a 60 year resident of Big Sur who eloquently spoke of her love of this place and our joint responsibility in protecting and nurturing this precious resource.

Thanks go to the CCT working group for devoting so much time and energy to creating a process for local involvement and to our elected representative State Senator Bill Monning for his unflagging support in seeing a local planning effort get traction.

Not to be forgotten, thank you Alan and Marty for breaking this issue down to what is really important which is Big Sur people exerting their right to self-determination, knowing it is our responsibility to protect and nurture this place we are so lucky to call home.

Butch Kronlund

Well done, all!

Pitkin’s Bridge & Rain Rocks Shed

Here is a photo of the entire project by CalTrans resident Engineer, Charlie Hench


Fascinating to one who has lived with this crazy combo of slides for 24 years. The slide at Pitkin’s Curve is dirt, and will go UNDER the bridge. The one at Rain Rocks is … Well, rocks. It will go on top and over the shed.

Watershed Council Meeting

Next Big Sur River Watershed Planning Meeting is March 28th!

The next meeting to discuss the Big Sur Watershed Management Plan is set for Thursday March 28th from 3 to 5 pm at the Big Sur Station MAF conference room. The group has been meeting every other month since last September to discuss the preparation of a plan that will look at the health of the watershed. If you live in and/or work in the Big Sur River watershed, or use water from the Big Sur River, your participation is extremely valuable. The focus of this meeting will be to discuss factors, which may be limiting the steelhead population; we will also start to gather historical knowledge about how the Big Sur River has changed over time. If you have family stories or pictures that show the river or activities on the river, please let us know or bring them along.

Development of the plan is being coordinated by the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County with assistance from the Garrapata Watershed Council. For more information, please call Ken Ekelund at (831) 625-9621.

Rocky Creek Update, number umpteenth


Daytime roadwork on Highway 1 continues next week from 7 am to 5 pm Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29.

Night closures next week are as follows:
· Tuesday, March 26 through Thursday, March 28—9 pm to 11 pm with up to 10-minute delays;
Overnight closures next week are as follows:
· Tuesday, March 26 through Thursday, March 28—11 pm to 7 am—(Friday 7am) full closure each night

NOTE: There will NOT be any overnight work, meaning closures (9 pm to 11 pm) or overnight closures on Sunday, March 24 or Monday, March 25. Also, NO OVERNIGHT WORK ON SUNDAY, MARCH 31 (EASTER).