Fire Clearance

It isn’t too early to put this on your to-do list. I actually started today. Two wonderful men who helped last year, are here again this weekend, helping to make my place safer for me, my critters, and the firefighters who will come, if needed.

This year, a burn permit is required, for getting rid of those burn piles, and I have a few. One can apply for this permit online, or stop by the station house to pick one up. Once that is done, one still needs to call to find out whether it is a permissive burn day, or not, and then notify the BSFVB of the burn, as well as your neighbors, so that everyone is aware.

Our lack of real rain so far this season has heightened the danger we all face. It has been 5 years since we had a significant fire. Make sure you are prepared. Have a plan in place to stay or flee. Have a plan for your critters and important papers, photos, etc. One plan, is to make sure your home is prepared to withstand whatever comes your way.

I’ll have more on this in the upcoming weeks, but for now … START PLANNING!

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