New Photo Contest

My dear friend, Vilia Kakis Giles,Vilia Kakis Gilles, Realtor (one of my Ladies of the Sur friends) is sponsoring this new header photo contest. She has donated a $100 gift certificate to Local Color, a wonderful shop full of local art, jewelry, and clothing in the Village Shopping Center.

You can submit up to two photographs of Big Sur. remember, they must be attached to an email to me, at, in jpg format, and be sized to fit the header, 760 x 151 pixels.
The deadline for submissions is midnight, 3/30. Out of all submissions, I will pick somewhere between 5-10 entries to post on my blog, and readers will pick the final winner. I would prefer a Spring or Summer theme, but all entries considered.

4 thoughts on “New Photo Contest

  1. Kate. Mombo here……you have that photo of my “kitty”
    will you be able to make it fit…..thx….

  2. Don’t know that I can make it fit. All I can do is crop, and I think it is too tall. Will see.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. Ahhh Kate …just to have Opportunity to share some of the shots I have from The Sur is a Blessing … as you are to your Readers !!

    ‘Twas hard to choose Two !!

    best and Thank You


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