37 thoughts on “Spring Photo Contest

  1. It’s a tough call for me between #1 and #2, but I’m going with #2–all ocean and sky.

  2. #7 great depth but I have to vote for #1. Number 2 is amazing, like the French Riviera. They are all exquisite.

  3. #2 is a stunning photo water sky edge of land photo and while I normally would avoid something with road in it… think how many posts have been about “the road” .
    So # 2.

    Hard to pick from such great entries. # 8 needs an honorable mention!

  4. sorry I meant # 4 the cougar change the comment above and vote of #5

  5. # 1 is my vote, as I remember that Frank Trotter told me that he planted those trees on the rock .

  6. #8, because we often forget that Big Sur is about so much more than just the amazing vistas

  7. Looks like there are some fabulous photos there but for some reason I don’t understand my computer won’t show me anything but the thumbnails

  8. #1, as was where my dad grew up when grandpa and grandma were caretakers for the Browns

  9. Well, 6 out of 9 are virtually on the highway, and I like to get away from the road to see the other spectacles of BS. That mountain lion is an amazingly rare sighting, but lacks background i.d.. The river rocks with the bird grazing is pretty darn nice. The toadstoll is subtly beautiful, maybe good as a header. Point Sur and Bixby Bridge, well perennially perfect, but everybody stops at Hurricane Point. Kinda the same way I feel about #2 and #9.
    That narrows it down to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.
    It has got the 80 foot waterfall, the rocks, the Cypress Trees, the Cove, the torquoise water, the mariner blue sea- great contrast and exceptional beauty.
    Anybody either wonders where it is and wants to be there; or, they know.
    Plus one for #1.
    Thanks bsk, this is a great photo contest.

  10. Julia has always been one of my favorite places, so I will vote for #1.

  11. I could be wrong but that cute Number 8 toadstool looks a lot like what we called a Magic Mushroom back in the day, chockablock with halucenogenic Psilocybin. Which might make for a funny local in-joke. Or not.

  12. I’m getting the feeling that more might have been said about what was wanted. Whether it was to feature the quintessential picture postcard sort of thing for the general public, or more of an insider heading for locals.

    My favorite turns out to be #3 for artistic beauty and composition.

  13. #4 the beast is beautiful. Although BS has remarkable landscape beauty; let us not foget the that wildlife also plays an important part. My vote is for #4 the cat.

  14. #5 Get’s MY vote!!! Ironically, I have a very large framed picture hanging in my office which is strikingly similar to this photo. WELL DONE!!!

  15. I enjoy all of these images. Wish I had not missed the voting. #5 would have gotten my vote because it makes you “stop” and look closely to see the Mountain Lion.
    Hello. Any news on Missy?

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