April 17th – Latest update

9:30 p.m. – Details are a bit sketchy, but a suspect in a Boulder Creek robbery, with warrants out of Sonoma and Monterey County for robbery and burglary, had eluded police so far tonight, but according to my sources has been down here since last night, approaching friends of mine at the Pub last night, pulling a knife on several locals last night and this morning, as well as accosting a couple of women early this morning near Nepenthe.  Current reports are that this fugitive, reportedly Dimitri Storm, led police on a high speed chase, and then went into Palo Colorado Canyon.

At this time, Wednesday at 9:30 pm, reports are still coming in, and information cannot be confirmed, although some of my sources had contact with this individual, and other sources are with law enforcement.

More information as it becomes available.